Louisa Rogers Communications - Helping People Manage People

Core principles I teach:

  • Leadership as a series of conversations about action

  • The yin and yang of leadership and management

  • Cultivating the courage and skill to say what needs to be said in the right way, to the right person, at the right time


Growing Resilient Leaders
How to coach yourself and your staff to step up to the next level of performance, responsibility, authority and strength.

Positive Partnerships with Clients
Customer service based on partnership and relationship, where customer service is an expectation, not an option.

Rolling with Change
Change in today’s workplace is relentless. Explore successful ways to work with resistance--that of your staff, your colleagues, or your own.

Improving Your Wellness--from Wherever You Are
"Loved the storytelling you used. This was informative, fun and motivational!"

I'm a trainer, facilitator and coach with over 25 years experience leading seminars and retreats. Since 1986, I have trained professionals in corporate, government, nonprofit and health care organizations in 26 states as well as Canada, Mexico, Paraguay, India, Israel, Kazakhstan, Ghana, and Bosnia.

I've published more than 100 articles
on professional and personal communication and business development in magazines and newspapers.

I live part-time in Mexico, where I lead seminars in Spanish.

This was the best training I have taken in  my entire career. Louisa rocks!
John Berchtold, City Manager
Blue Lake, CA

I loved your storytelling. This workshop on wellness was informative, fun and motivational!
Lisa Dugan, Director
Dept. of Child Support Services

You have an unswerving directness and a no-nonsense training and coaching style.
Susan Buckley, Director, Public Health
   Humboldt County, CA

I feel so grateful for you in the community. Your presentation style is engaging, motivating and inclusive. Your trainings are consistently a joy to attend.
Participant, Planning & Building Department, Humboldt County, CA
Louisa Rogers Communications
Eureka, California and Guanajuato, Mexico

U.S. Phone:
707 440 9062 (from U.S. or Mexico)


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