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Straightforward, honest, insightful, and funny, Louisa speaks on the following topics:
Imaginative Travel
Travel is a set of skills that can be learned. Louisa will share skills that will help you travel with ease and pleasure--whatever your circumstances and budget.

No More Doritos Til I'm 80!
How to Improve Your Wellness From Wherever You Are
Louisa's story of changing her food and fitness habits will encourage the most cynical of audiences. She's been there, she changed, she lived to tell the tale. So can you.
Finding Your Groove--Whatever Your Age
Where and who were you, half your life ago? Reflect on your own changes, insights, lessons and wisdom, as Louisa shares the pleasures and pitfalls along her path.

Beyond Busy: Simplifying Home, Money, Life
You don't have to be overwhelmed and exhausted! Louisa will nudge you in the right direction to de-clutter your home, your office and your mind.

Louisa Rogers has been training and facilitating workshops on leadership and management skills for over 30 years. Her clients have included corporations, government agencies and nonprofits from Kansas to Kazakhstan--throughout the USA and in eight foreign countries.
In addition to her business trainings, she speaks and writes on wellness, travel and simplicity.
She grew up overseas (a diplomat kid) and still loves traveling. She and her husband divide their time between Northern California and Mexico, along with regular visits to Europe--with their folding bikes, naturally.

This was the best training I have taken in  my entire career. Louisa rocks!
John Berchtold, City Manager
Blue Lake, CA

I loved your storytelling. This workshop on wellness was informative, fun and motivational!
Lisa Dugan, Director
Dept. of Child Support Services

You have an unswerving directness and a no-nonsense training and coaching style.
Susan Buckley, Director, Public Health
   Humboldt County, CA

Your presentation style is engaging, motivating and inclusive. Your seminars are consistently a joy to attend.
Participant, Planning & Building Department, Humboldt County, CA

My coaching session with you changed my life.
Norma Lorenzo,
Participant, Management Academy

Louisa Rogers Communications

Eureka, California and Guanajuato, Mexico
707 440 9062

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